What is Mareblu Bari Sardo

Mareblu Barisardo is a two floors building divided in 6 apartments, 5 avaible for booking: 1
one-room apartment, 1 two-room apartment, 2 three room apartment, and 1 four-room apartment.

Every apartment has its own kitchen and bathroom, parking space and a large courtyard for
kids. The apartments also come with a television, a flatiron and everything that will make your
permanence pleasant (blankets and bad sheet are given as a extra service if asked).

The washing machine can be used by anyone in the communal space at the ground floor.

Mareblu Barisardo is the ideal holiday home if you love sea, tranquillity and cuisin.

The apartments are avaible from April to October.




Per qualunque informazione sui prezzi e la disponibilità degli appartamenti: